About Course

Why IOS???
With Apple's iPhone increasing demand, there have been simultaneous growth in demand for apps on iOS that is used by Apple products like iPhone, iPads, Apple watch. Getting to learn about development with iOS could prove to be an added advantage in your professional carrer. This course is ideal for any individual wanting to learn iOS development and make career with app development, mobile developers who want to enrich their portfolio.


Language Fundamentals
  • Introduction
  • Creating Project
  • Auto Layout
  • Wiring Up The Interface
  • Measurement I
  • Measurement II (switch Statement)
  • User Input Restrictions
  • M1 Project Instructions
  • M1 Project Solution I
  • M1 Project Solution II
  • Summary
Method + Classes
  • Introduction to Methods, Classes
  • Layout of UI and UI table review control
  • Auto layout and create iboutlet
  • Work with sliders
  • Create conversion function
  • Seques and pass values to scenes
  • A bit out class
  • Static classes
  • Sample project
  • Summary
Messages And Integration
  • Introduction to messages
  • What is integration
  • what is iMessage extension
  • How does iMessage transition work?
  • What is expanded view and how it works
  • Sample project
  • Solution layout for project
  • solution preparation for segue, Initialize pickers
  • solution for data formatting
  • How to pass data between views
  • solution on how to send messages.
  • Summary
Working With Notification
  • What are notifications
  • Create basic notification
  • Create interactive notifications
  • Sample Project for the chapter
  • Summary
Siri Kit
  • What is Siri kit
  • How to work with Siri Kit
  • Summary
Swift 2.0 Optional binding Enumerations and Code safety
  • Swift 2.0 Optionals Binding Enumerations and Code Safety
  • What are Optionals And When Are They Used
  • How to Use Optional binding to Eliminate App Crashes
  • Syntax and Introduction to Enumerations
  • Error Handling With Enumerations Error Throwing Functions and Switches
  • Summary
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