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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Training

Simba Infotech offers excellent SEO training courses to provide the knowledge of on-page and off page optimization processes to the beginners. At Simba Infotech, we are also an outsourcing company offering services for website optimization. We do have the best knowledge of the latest optimization practices used in the industry and hence implement the same in our SEO training methodologies to offer our students with the knowledge of latest practices in the process.

On Page SEO Training

On-page optimization is more than just the keyword stuffing in the pages. It is a well-defined methodology containing a set of processes or tasks to be implemented on the actual website to make it search engine friendly. At Simba Infotech we have a team of expert SEO trainers having the best knowledge of these processes. We train students on latest and best on page SEO techniques as below

Meta Tags Optimization:
Meta tags like title tag, description tag and keywords tag are an important part of on page optimization process. We at Simba Infotech will teach the best way to optimize the website page with these tags.

Image Optimization:

Optimizing images with title or alt tag is a good practice as to make the images clearly understandable to the users as well as the search engine. At  Simba Infotech, we will help you understand how alt tags can be used for effective optimization.

Content Optimization:
Content plays a very important role in optimization of a web page. Web page with unique and most relevant content with proper keyword density is given more weightage for ranking than others. In our SEO training we teach students about keyword density, proximity and prominence. We give them a clear understanding of how exactly the content should be optimized for effective results.

URL Optimization:
URLS of pages in a website should be search engine friendly i.e they should descriptive, obvious with content of web page and should clearly reflect the hierarchy of website structure. At Simba Infotech we will train students how exactly this can be done.

Anchor Text Optimization:
Anchor text is a clickable text included within the tags. These play an important role in the website optimization process. At Simba Infotech, you will get to learn in detail about the anchor tags and how effectively they should be used for a good optimizing process.
Off Page SEO Training

Directory Submissions:
Directory submission is a process of getting quality incoming links to the website. For effective directory submission selecting most relevant directories and efficiently choosing the category for submission is necessary. At Simba Infotech, we will teach you the best way to do directory submissions for quality results.

Social Bookmarking:
In a social bookmarking process you submit links of your website to top social websites. This will increase your back links and page rank. Learn the most effective way for social bookmarking at Simba Infotech Technologies.

Blog Commenting:
Blog commenting is the process of posting comments for blogs. This attracts the blog readers and also helps increase the relevant and referral traffic to the website. At Simba Infotech, we will teach you the best way to comment on blogs for increasing the search engine rankings of the website.

Forums Postings:
Forum posting is the process of finding relevant online forums related to the website and then joining the communities on that forum. Communicating with the community through answers to questions posted on forums is what one will learn during off-page SEO training at Simba Infotech.

Press Release & Article Submissions
During the SEO training process we will teach how to develop articles and press releases and submit them in relevant directories to attract traffic.

Local Business Listings:
Some businesses may require concentrating on getting the local traffic. For such businesses we can further help by submitting the listing of business on Google Places. At Simba Infotech, we will teach this process of attracting local traffic for the business through SEO.

Search Engine Submissions:
You need to submit your website to various popular search engines like Yahoo, Google etc in order to speed up the process of getting it recognized by the search engines. Learn search engine submission at Simba Infotech.

Social Networking:
Social networking is the process of advertising, marketing and building reputation of a business through social media websites. Learn an effective procedure for social networking of websites through Simba Infotech SEO training course.

Benefits of SEO Training from Simba Infotech

Who can learn “SEO”?

If you are looking for non technical although challenging job which has certain targets to be accomplished, then you are going in the right direction with SEO. When it comes to who can do it, congenial news for all Students who are willing to join SEO is: there are no any constraints or pre-requisites for joining SEO.

Growth Prospectus in “SEO”
When it comes to salary, you are not going to compromise by selecting a non technical field as a career which can be very apparent from the below graph. In short, you can get much better wage with SEO than any other technical field if you have a potential.