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Simba Infotech
Hirabag Circle, Near Roman Point,
Surat-395006 Gujarat (India)

E-mail: contact@simbainfotech.com
Phone : +91 740 559 2982
Mobile : +91 720 299 2002

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E-commerce Association Surat


E-commerce Association of Surat


E-commerce Association of Surat (ECA-Surat)

Technoligies used


Date released

April 10,2016

Project description

Founded in 2016, E-commerce Association of Surat (ECA-Surat) is an association of companies and experts operating in e-commerce business in the Surat region. E-Commerce Association of Surat (ECA-Surat) is devoted specifically to the development of the Surat- E-Commerce sector.
E-Commerce has been in India since the late 90s. Initially, it observed slow growth but in the last five years there has been major rise in the popularity of eCommerce. It would become a billion dollar industry in the next five years creating jobs for thousands of people. The e-Commerce Association of Surat (ECA-Surat) has been created to improve the e-Commerce sector of the region. There are currently around 97 websites and 93 Facebook companies operating in Surat.

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